Hans Hanses to Become the New CEO at SMP Parts AB

11 April

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Hans Hanses from Östersund, Sweden will be the new CEO of SMP Parts AB in Ilsbo. His most recent position is CEO of Zepro, which manufactures and sells tail lifts for trucks and trailers. Before that he was CEO of Engcon Nordic and Mähler & Sons AB. He has also held several management positions in production, sales and purchasing.

Hans had a background in mechanical engineering before he studied organization, management and economics. He began his career with his own business at home in Jämtland, Sweden but over the last twenty years Hans has held various management positions where he was also a member of the board, having responsibility for both results and personnel.

“Having been in the industry before, I know that SMP Parts is a well-managed company with high quality products and knowledgeable and dedicated employees,” says Hans Hanses. “For the last few years SMP has had strong new owners on site, with extensive experience and a strong drive to develop the company, which I see as very positive. In addition to my previous experience in the industry, I have also been on similar journeys with other companies, so I feel that I have the experience needed to be able to contribute in a positive way. I look forward to my exciting new assignment,” says Hans Hanses.

“With Hans at the helm, we will have a knowledgeable and experienced leader who has successfully led several manufacturing companies for many years. We believe that Hans has both the skill and the drive needed to take SMP Parts to the next level. We are pleased to welcome him to the company,” says Lars-Göran Stenberg, current CEO of SMP Parts AB.

Hans Hanses will start his new role on July 1, 2017.

For more information contact:
Lars-Göran Stenberg CEO SMP Parts AB Tel: +46 73 029 93 25


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