Improved Locking Indicators on the HardLock® Quick Coupler

24 September

SMP’s quick coupler Hardlock® now has improved locking indicators, so that the machine operator can easily see that the bucket is correctly and securely locked. This is to make sure the operator can feel even safer behind the controls of the machine.

The SMP HardLock® hydraulic quick coupler is based on the reversible ‘S’ models, with double locking devices which are totally hydro mechanical. HardLock® has a standard rear-locking key at the back and also excenter locking securing the front axle, which can be seen from the driver and operator cab. A mechanical locking device locks the front axle and prevents the tool releasing from the quick coupler. The double locking devices ensure zero-play, optimum grip and maximum safety.

The excenter locks around the front axel even if the tool is attached incorrectly, for example the rear locking key above the axel. The excenter and front axel lock will not release their grip until the rear locking key is in the retracted/open position. Due to the fact that no electronics are involved, HardLock® is also very easy to install under the SMP Tiltrotator.

The new locking indication clearly shows if the rear-locking key does not lock properly.

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