NEW! Tiltrotator ST4

22 December

SMP's new tiltrotator ST4 is the latest addition to join the range of SMP Parts products.
Our tiltrotators make the machine both more flexible and efficient.

SMP's tiltrotators have a grease-filled pivot housing, can rotate 360° and tilt 40°. With simple operation via
the excavator levers' rockers or rollers, the excavator operator can easily and efficiently carry out advanced
precision work without having to move the machine. This also makes the work environment safer for visitors
and those working near the machine.

Advantages of ST4

• Safety - mechanical or hydraulic locking with the S-lock safety solution

• Time saving - easy-to-connect and user-friendly 2-hose or 4-hose solution

• Productivity - a more flexible machine with greater area of use

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