Operating reliability is crucial when choosing Tiltrotator

30 March

The Finnish company Hunttala Oy operates a Doosan 235 crawler excavator in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the surrounding region, primarily in various municipal engineering projects.

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Entrepreneur Matti Simola has extensive experience in the earthworks industry.


“I was an operator at Konevuori Oy for 30 years, but four years ago I decided to start my own business. I purchased a Doosan 235 excavator from RealMachinery and had it equipped with an SMP ST28 tiltrotator. I was very happy with it, so when the time came to buy a new rig, I wanted the SMP ST28 S70/70 tiltrotator, which now also includes an SMP grip module, to be installed in my new Doosan. The grapple is handy, for example, in paving work and for installing pipes and sewers. 


For Simola, the most important criteria when selecting the tiltrotator was reliability:


“My old SMP worked flawlessly, and I only ever needed to change one rotation sensor. Otherwise, basic maintenance was enough, and there was less need for it with the SMP, since the rotation gear does not require greasing. Customer service for SMP spare parts is also very good.”


User friendliness and accuracy are also standard features of the SMP.


“Changing attachments is easy, and the first tiltrotator was already equipped with tilt automation, which is a great feature. It is linked to the machine’s 3D system, so if you just ensure that the elevation is correct, the automation keeps the tilt proportionate to the 3D model, and the tiltrotator itself doesn’t need to be tilted. This produces an exceptionally accurate end result,” says Simola.

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