Ringknuten Pukkverk

27 January

“SMP provided incredible service in the work of producing our specially designed excavator bucket”


Steffan Reme runs the quarry Ringknuten Pukkverk together with his father in Kristiansand in southern Norway. The quarry produces stone, shingle and gravel which they sell and deliver to customers around the country. When it came time to invest in a new excavator, SMP was an obvious choice.

“We have had SMP's products in the past and been very satisfied with the quality, which is why we are choose them as a supplier again. Reliable, solid and well-designed tools are very important in our business. The SMP-bucket we just received sits on a Volvo EC 750EL excavator which loads blasted rock, makes up the first step in the loading of stone crusher. Therefore, it is a priori that the tools we use are robust and reliable in order to tackle the harsh working environment, as the entire production would stop if the equipment broke. In addition to a Volvo EC 750EL, there are also three wheel loaders, two dumpers, a drilling rig and one truck in the business.”

A problem that may arise in the first stage of production when loading the quarrel in the cairn is when you encounter a stone that is too large for the stone crusher to process.

“The solution is to drop the stone on an external steel ball to crush it into smaller pieces which can then be loaded into the stone crusher. Our experience is that some rocks get stuck in the bucket teeth adapters when falling out of the bucket, which in turn gives the rock a rotation that makes it very hard to hit the steel ball. We therefore had an idea of ​​putting two rails in the bottom of the bucket to make the stone fall straight down, via the rails, and thereby eliminate the problem with rotation.”

Steffan and his colleagues then passed on their idea to SMP.

“We designed the solution together with SMP. We bounced ideas back and forth and the designers created drawings based on our wishes and ideas. The result was very successful, and we clearly see that it’s much easier for the machine operator to drop the stone the big rocks onto the steel ball now. This way, we save time and maintain efficiency in the production and spare the machine operator frustration that would otherwise come from not hitting the ball.”

Incredibly good service and cooperation makes SMP to a very good and reliable supplier, Steffan concludes.