Safety and Quality with SMP

09 May

Anders Gradin, owner of Gradin Construction Ltd, always chooses quality and safety at work. When it was time to purchase equipment for his new excavator, the choice was SMP Parts’ hydro mechanical quick coupler, HardLock®. “I have been working with SMP’s equipment for many years”, says Anders Gradin. “They are high quality tools, at the right price. In addition I always receive good support from SMP if anything unexpected happens. Safety is by far the main reason why I chose SMPs HardLock®.

“I work with all types of ground work, in and around Gävle, Sweden”, explains Anders Gradin. “The most important thing with equipment, is that it can be trusted and that you have good support from your supplier. If the tools don’t work as they should, then you get a stop in production and then everyone gets annoyed - me, my clients and other interested parties. I will gladly pay that little bit extra for equipment that will last and that I know I can trust. I therefore turn to SMP Parts when I need tools for my excavator. I recently bought their hydro mechanical quick coupler HardLock®, which provides a secure grip between the arm and bucket or tools.”

“The HardLock® design feels safe, because if something still goes wrong you don’t lose the tool, it just hangs on its own axel. HardLock® is simple, yet well thought out, there is not much that can go wrong with it”, say Anders Gradin. “Thanks to the double locking devices there is also less play between the lock and the tool, and I think that appeals to most of us in the industry.”

I look forward to continue working with SMP’s HardLock® on my new excavator. Here in the Gävle region of Sweden there is a lot happening right now, so with the right equipment, tools and attitude, nothing can go wrong, it's just full speed ahead” , Anders Gradin.