SMP Parts Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Leica Geosystems

09 February

SMP Parts AB and Leica Geosystems enter into a strategic collaboration for integration between SMP’s Tiltrotators and Leica’s excavator system. First comes the integration between SMP’s popular control system, MACS ST, and Leica’s iCON-excavator system. With SMP’s MACS ST control system you already have maximum control over your equipment. By adding Leica’s iCON-system you can also integrate the rotation of your equipment along with  the tilt position, which allows you to get maximum performance from your excavator.

With the SMP Tiltrotator you can increase efficiency and improve the productivity of your excavator, as digging work can be done faster, safer and with higher precision. You can also use the excavator for multiple types of tasks.

When you equip your excavator with an SMP Tiltrotator and MACS ST control system, it  is automatically prepared for the Leica iCON system. The iCON system gives the driver full control and visibility not just of the bucket's location, but also its tilt and rotator position, via a display in the cab. One of the main advantages is that the machine operator can perform complex excavation work himself, inside the cab without assistance from a colleague outside.

"Our product range for tiltrotators not only strengthens Leica Geosystems' position within providing excavator solutions, but it also adds to cutting edge technology for a new job profession in the construction industry,” says Johan Amberg, President of the Leica Geosystems Machine Control Division. “We are proud to work with SMP Parts and other Scandinavian manufacturers in the growing industry of excavator accessories."
"We are very pleased to work with Leica Geosystems, “ says Lars-Göran Stenberg, CEO of SMP Parts. “The first step is to offer our customers the integration of the Leica excavator system together with our management system MACS ST. The goal is to be able to offer this solution to all our control systems configurations in the future."
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